Exciting early deals

No need to invest a lot of money for advertising campaigns like the past few years and has 6 times increase the price to 34%, but from the beginning of 2017 to now, the number of customers coming to ask for information, price quotation, order house, residential land in Nam Vinh Yen New Urban Area project continues to increase. Specifically, in 2017, DIC Corp has sold 600 plots of land with a total value of VND1,000 billion, doubling that of 2016. In the first two months of 2018, 116 plots were sold, amounting to approximately VND300 billion. In particular, in addition to dozens of customers calling for information on the project, from the beginning of the year, every day, at the Sales Department of DIC Corp Vinh Phuc has about 20-30 customers coming to find out information, price quotation, order house etc.

Nam Vinh Yen New Urban Area project has created the attraction for real estate market in Vinh Phuc province.

Ms. Do Thi Kieu Anh from Sales department of DIC Corp, Vinh Phuc said: Nam Vinh Yen New Urban Area Project is one of the top class projects with a total area of ​​446ha, total investment nearly VND 9,000 billion, with a population of 69,000 people. By 2023, the project will complete all three phases; in 2017, investors will accelerate the completion of the raw material of five-star DIC star hotel; complete infrastructure area of ​​12ha, with about 300 plots of land; Completing procedures for the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to issue land use right certificates for 880 /1,285 land lots

 Many customers coming to find out information, order land, house at DIC star project Vinh Phuc.

This result is due to real estate market in Vinh Phuc in particular and the country in general increasingly flourishes. The policies of encouraging and supporting the investment of the State and the province are promoted effectively. Along with that, the project is in a favorable location, with many roads connecting smoothly, facilitating the travel of the people. The price of land is quite soft, with average from VND 900 million to over VND 1 billion per land plot, equivalent to land in residential areas. In addition, to attract customers, the investor has applied many programs to stimulate consumption such as: granted gold, SH motorbike, or discount for customers when buying or paying before the deadline.

According to Kieu Anh, by the end of Feb 2018, DIC Corp Vinh Phuc has sold 100% of its land plots in Zone I of the project. At the same time, they continue to open semi-detached villas with an area of ​​about 300 m2 /unit. Go ahead, welcome and to meet the needs of customers, in 2018, DIC Corp Vinh Phuc will continue to accelerate the completion of five-star DIC star hotel to put into operation in early 2019; To complete the infrastructure of zone 1, covering an area of ​​65 hectares; to implement the construction of model houses on Dinh Tien Hoang road; To invest in the construction of a number of utility works in service of the recreation and entertainment needs of the households. “In 2017, the real estate market began to flourish in March and April this year. On the 6th day of Lunar New Year, DIC Corp Vinh Phuc has sold 6 plots of land. This shows that the demand for land and houses of the people is increasing and the real estate market will be prosperous, “Kieu Anh said.

5-star DIC Star hotel, which was invested by DIC Corp, is being accelerated to put into operation in 2019

Infrastructure lift up the real estate

According to statistics from the Department of Construction, up to now, Vinh Phuc has 62 housing development projects. By the end of 2017, developers have built about 5.6 million m2 of houses, with an average area of ​​21m2 per person. On social housing, the province has 21 projects with a total area of ​​43 hectares, providing nearly 9,220 apartments for the people. To ensure the legal status, creating a favorable environment for investment, the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee have approved and promulgated many resolutions and programs on urban development, assisting enterprises in investment in housing development. Mr. Nguyen Huu Mai, Head of Real Estate and Property Management Department, Department of Construction affirmed that from the beginning of 2017 up to now, the real estate market in the province has seen positive changes. The foundation land and low-price land segment thrived both in terms of supply and volume. The segments are feasible liquidity, especially the segment of cheap housing with good liquidity. This will be the segment leading the apartment market in Vinh Phuc to continue to throne in the coming time.

According to Mr. Mai, the real estate potential in Vinh Phuc is increasingly awakened due to favorable geographic location, technical infrastructure and transport infrastructure. Specifically, Vinh Phuc is located on Highway No. 2A, with the Ha Noi – Lao Cai expressway passing through and the Hanoi – Lao Cai railway, which is the bridge linking midland and Northern mountainous area to Hanoi; It is also adjacent to Noi Bai International Airport and crosses National Highway No. 5A through Hai Phong seaport and Highway No. 18 through Cai Lan deep sea port. In addition, the system of roads, urban infrastructure is prioritized capital investment, development, connection, smoothly with all localities. With the need to buy land, houses and to “wake up” the potential real estate market, at present, along with attracting investment in industrial development, upgrading, infrastructure investment and attract major investors deploying projects in tourism, resorts in Tam Dao, Dai Lai, Vinh Phuc province has directed the units and localities concerned to focus on doing the compensation, creating clean land fund, the position to let real estate investors deploy housing projects, amusement parks, resort. At the same time, encourage and create favorable conditions for investors to build workers’ houses and cultural institutions in service of workers in industrial zones; Organize the detailed planning of areas approved for the policy on the location of implementation, as the basis for selection of project investors.